20.11.17 Azdun Dungeon

The Azdun dungeon has a tumultuous history spanning hundreds of years. Early on, it was a hotly-contested battleground between the Vampire Lord Zsarachnor and Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen of the Black Keep. A large goblin mining operation was once here, its mining tunnels reaching all the way to the lower-most depths of Moghedu and the river Perilaus.

Today, Azdun is under the control of the Dark Empire, home of the Black Keep and led by the Demon Spider Queen herself. The former mines have been repurposed into a fortress for the Empire, and are filled with Llazuth's Chiav army, as well as some reportedly far stranger creatures emerging from the cavernous Lair deep beneath the dungeon.

A goblin and kobold settlement occupies part of the old mining operation, recently released from service by the Dark Empire.