17.1.3 Chiav

The first Chiav came to life in the year 376 MA, in an experimental fusion of Mhun, spider, and shadow power funneled in by Llazuth, the Demon Spider Queen. It is reported that the creature opened its eyes, trembled in all ten of its limbs, and unleashed a tortured scream that would not cease until it was struck a fatal blow. Since then, the Spider Queen has refined her efforts, creating what she declares to be the perfect army.

Possessing features both spider and human, the Chiav are genderless, dexterous creatures with fragile defenses; they are capable of wielding weapons just as easily as they utilize their web-casting spinnerets and poisonous fangs to fight with.

Though each Chiav operates intelligently, independently, and without the need for direct orders, the capabilities of the species to act of their own free will are highly undeveloped.