20.11.127 Siha Dylis

Once known as the lower mines of Azdun, the collapsed tunnels and mineshafts of the underground castle now stand as a shining example of goblin ingenuity and kobold perseverance.

A great rebuilding effort was underway for the goblin and kobold servants released from their duties to the Dark Empire, as they soon found they had lost their taste for acts of violence and aggression. Separating themselves from their violent brethren engaged in the war against Moghedu, the beleaguered people plead with the outside cities of Sapience for aid.

The people responded; in short time, the settlement had received enough donations to build a new home for their people - this home became known as "Siha Dylis", named such by two Enorian benefactors.

Siha Dylis is an underground city, home to families of goblins and kobolds alike, embarking on new lives of freedom, despite practically being beneath the heel of the Dark Empire of Azdun just above.