10.4.2 Ministry of War

The Ministry of War is responsible for all military matters within a city. It is up to the Minister and his aides, along with volunteers of the city militia, to defend their land outside the walls and protect their realm. Of course, a balance has to be struck between dominance and the cost of troops. No nation can afford to fight forever and a diplomatic course is often the strongest.

Each city has a War Room. Certain military commands must be executed from this room. Each city also has a Barracks, from which troops may be recruited.

Lastly, the Ministry of War is also responsible for the militia. See HELP MILITIA for more information.

The commands associated with the Ministry of War are as follows:

WARSTATUS <your city>
 - See a basic list of the military status of your city. Must be done
   from the War Room.

 - View your relationship between other organizations. Anyone may do this.

 - View the type of conscript that the city can train. The G? column indicates
   guards, which can be deployed exclusively by the Ministry of Security. All
   other conscripts are by default soldiers, under the authority of the
   Ministry of War.

CITY CONSCRIPT PURCHASE [<howmany>] <conscript type>
 - Recruits a soldier (or division of soldiers), who will report immediately
   to the city barracks. A division must have at least 20 and no more than
   100 members.

CITY CONSCRIPT ASSIGN <conscript> TO <person>
 - Assign a commander to a division, who takes full authority over that
   division's orders. Only an aide to the War Ministry may do this.

 - Shows you all conscripts employed by the city.

MILLOG or READMILLOG <city> <start> <weeks back>
 - Read the military log for your city. You may omit both the <start>
   field and <week> field if you wish to see the beginning of the current
   week's log. However, to see the beginning of yesterday's log, you must
   do READMILLOG ENORIAN 0 2, for instance, would read the beginning of
   the log from two weeks ago. This must be done from the War Room or
   the barracks.

 - Write to the city's militia logs. This must be done from the War Room
   or the barracks.

 - See how much money the Ministry of War has.
 - Adds gold from your hands to the War funds. This must be done from
   the Council Chambers.

CITY DECLARE WAR ON <organization>
 - Declare war on an organization. While at war, troop conscript costs
   are doubled and citizens of the opposing organization will be attacked
   on sight by guards. Only the War Minister or city leader may do this,
   and it must be done from the War Room.

The commands associated with soldiers are as follows:

ORDER <division> MARCH <direction>
 - Orders a division to march in a particular direction. Due to the time
   it takes to get a division moving, you will lose equilibrium for a
   few seconds depending on certain scenarios.

     * Division is marching upon a road.
     * Division is marching during the day.

     * Division is marching through a watery environment.
     * Division is marching during rain, snow, or a blizzard.

ORDER <division> ATTACK <enemy division>
 - Orders a division to attack another division. There are certain advantages
   that can be gained in battle, with each one stacking.

     * Commander is present during battle.
     * Division is blessed by the Cardinal.

     * Commander is present during battle.
     * Division resides within claimed land (use SURVEY).
     * Division resides within its home city.

ORDER <division> FORTIFY
 - Orders a division to entrench in their current position, granting
   them immunity to attacks from an adventurer and preventing an enemy
   division from marching past them. This takes the division roughly
   15 minutes to fully settle in. Once fortified, the division will
   not be able to move.
 - If fortified on the route a caravan takes to reach a city, it will
   prevent any caravans from departing for that city on that route,
   unless that city has alliance or peace relations with yours.

ORDER <division> MOVEOUT
 - Instructs a fortified division to strike fortifications and prepare
   to leave their position. This takes roughly 15 minutes.

ORDER <division> MERGE WITH <division>
 - Orders a division to merge with another division. If the new division
   would have more than 100 members, then the new division will have
   whatever is left over (minimum 20).

ORDER <division> SHED <number>
 - Orders a division to shed a specified number of members into a new

ORDER <division> BASH <direction>
 - Orders a division to bash upon a door in the specified direction.

ORDER <division> DISBAND
 - Disbands the division. Only the Minister of War may do this.

It is important to ensure that there are always funds in the Ministry of War's account, as not only do soldiers cost money to recruit, but they are also paid wages each week.