18.1.11 Territory

Territory is a team-based arena game in which teams fight for control over the arena. Whichever team has the highest percent of rooms captured when the timer runs out wins the game!

Players must CLAIM TERRITORY to wrest control of a room with a channeled action. If successful, your team's banner will be placed in the room and it will be marked as under your control. Team members will gain increased health and mana regeneration, and unlimited celerity while standing in rooms bearing their team's banner.

Dying in this event will respawn you back into the arena after 10 seconds have passed.

INIT TERRITORY <arena> <time limit in minutes> <number of teams>
Initiate a game of Territory.

TEAM <message> 
Talk to your team.

View your team members.

View the in-game map with rooms colour coded according to the controlling team.

This channeled ability will attempt to bring your current room under your team's ability. The channel time increases based on the number of rooms under your team's control. The base time for 0 rooms controlled is 3 seconds. Each room under your team's control increases the channel time by 0.50 seconds. The maximum time cannot exceed a maximum of 12 seconds.

ES <arena>
See event participants, their team, and % of arena controlled by that team.

Teams are denoted by colors. The following are the colors which go with each

Team:     Color:
1       Bright Cyan
2       Bright Red
3       Bright Green
4       Bright Yellow
5       Bright Blue
6          Cyan
7          Red
8          Green
9          Yellow
10         Blue

Read HELP ARENA for more information on the arena and related commands. See HELP CULTURE for details for arena managers.