8 Guilds and Classes

Guilds and Classes - Table of Contents

 - Guilds 101 for New Players

   8.1  Aaranu                The Newbie Ambassador located in Esterport.
   8.2  Guild Novices         The youngest members of a guild.
   8.3  Guild Changing        Switching guilds.

 - Guilds

   8.4  Guild Information     What is a Guild?
   8.5  Guild System          More in-depth info on Guilds.
   8.6  Guilds                A nifty list of all of them, also see below.
   8.7  Guildmaster           The position of Guildmaster.
      8.7.1  Announcements       Messages from the Guild leadership.
      8.7.2  Guild Positions     GM tailored Guild positions.            
      8.7.3  Guild Sanction      Allies to the Guild.
      8.7.4  Laws                Formal Guild Law.
      8.7.5  OrgReq              Organizational Requests.
      8.7.6  Envoys              Guild Envoys
   8.8  Guild Patron          The position of Guild Patron.
   8.9  Guildfavour           Rewarding and punishing your guildmates.
   8.10 Guild Logs            A record of all important guild activity.
   8.11 Guild Membership      How to see the membership of your guild.
   8.12 Guild News            The purpose of guild-specific news sections.
   8.13 Guild Probation       Guild probation and its effects.
   8.14 Guild Ranks           Guild ranks and positions.
   8.15 Guild Tells           Speak to your guild members who are on-line.

 -  8.16 Defunct Guilds
   8.17 Cabalists
   8.18 Daru
   8.19 Druids
   8.20 Infernals
   8.21 Luminaries
   8.22 Magi
   8.23 Paladins
   8.24 Priests
   8.25 Indorani

 - Classes

   8.29 Classes               Aetolia's system of classes.
   8.30 Multiclass            More than one class!         
   8.31 Class List            A list of classes within Aetolia.
   8.32 Classleads            Submit problems about your class for review.
      8.32.1 Guidelines          Guidelines for submitting a report.
   8.33 Class Incompatibility  Check your tether!

HELP <guild name> to view the help file of the guild's listed below:

- Shadow Guilds

 - Spirit Guilds

 - Guild Tethered, Class Untethered
     Sentaari (Spirit)
     Syssin (Shadow)

 - Class Tethered, No Guild
     Indorani (Shadow)
     Oneiromancer (Spirit)

 - Class Untethered, No Guild