10.4.1 Ministry of the Ambassador

Newbies are the life blood of a city, for as the old generations die off,
strong new leaders must be found. The Ambassador and their aides are responsible
for cultivating a favourable atmosphere for newbies within the city, providing
them with help, advice, support, and perhaps even equipment.

In addition, the Ambassador often acts to represent the city in negotiations
with other organizations. The Ambassador has the power to engage in diplomatic
negotiations in the form of treaties.

The Ambassador and their aides have the following powers:

CITIZEN <player> : Make someone a citizen of your city.

CITYNEWBIES      : See what newbies are currently on in your city.

CITY PROMOTE <x> : Promotes a citizen out of novicehood and grants them full
                   access to their class and guild, bypassing the need
                   for the Academy.

CITYWITHDRAW     : Withdraw money from the Ministry's account, in order to
                   help a newbie. The syntax is:
                   CITYWITHDRAW AMBASSADOR <amount>

CITY TREATY      : See HELP DIPLOMACY for details.

CITY SKILLS <x>  : Views the skillset of a newbie of your city.

CITY DIAG <x>    : Remotely diagnoses a newbie of your city.

CITY SCORE <x>   : View the SCORE of a newbie of your city.

CITY STATUS <x>  : View the STATUS of a newbie of your city.

ACADEMY VIEW <x> : View the Academy status of a newbie in your city.
                   You can optionally append an Academy task to see more
                   details. E.g. ACADEMY VIEW <x> CONFLICT

TASKS <x>        : View the Tasks a newbie has completed.