8.6.8 Sentinels

Founded in ancient teachings wrought by the renowned Huwald Seluno, and the legend of Segiae Clinemh and the Warden Clans, the Pride is comprised of both Sentinels and Wardens alike. Defending the balance of the Eternal Cycle and all which resides within it, the path of the Pride is not an easy one; for the wilds are often unforgiving, unfair, and brutal.

As warriors of the cycle, the Sentinels use the ancient knowledge of the dhurive, the double-bladed staff used by Huwald, to quickly cut down their prey. Forming a bond with the creatures of the wood, the Sentinels utilise their feral animal companions and the unique skills they provide to bolster their dexterous weaponry. However, some Sentinels prefer to utilise more subtle arts in the field, firing resin-coated arrows from crossbows through the boughs or luring the enemy into dangerously hidden traps.

The Wardens strive to take the lessons of the collective clans of the Bear, Serpent and Raven and utilise the knowledge of their Ancestors in battle. Forged in the strength of the ancestors upon their form, Wardens earn renown in trials of combat to evoke power from memory itself. Within the crypts themselves, a Warden is able to evoke ghostly simulacrum to manifest from the ancient Clans themselves to lend their expertise in battle, while crushing their foes with fierce wargauntlets, or piercing them violently with greatspears. 

As a Pride, the Sentinels and Wardens stand together as one, bound in blood to one another for their common cause. They stand not for good nor evil, not for light nor dark, not for mercy nor cruelty. The Pride stands only for the defense of what is still natural in the world, eradicating the stain of impurity from the wilds and anything that threatens the Cycle.