8.32 Classlead Reports

Classleads are a process that happens every three months starting from January, allowing players to indicate design problems with their class to the administration team for review. The process is mostly aimed at improving overall balance between the various classes, however reports submitted to tackle artifacts or quality of life are accepted too.

The classlead report system is a mostly public one. Any report you create can be seen by others. Upon its submission, players of the realm will be able to vote upon its integrity and merit, as well as leave comments to point out any potential shortcomings. Any votes or comments will be hidden from player view, so if you require feedback ask someone of note to review your report before submission.

For best results, you can follow the guideline set out in HELP CLASSLEAD GUIDELINES for report submission.

Who can submit reports and how many?
- Anyone who has played more than 50 hours.
- Is relatively active in the realms.
- Three reports can be submitted per cycle between all characters you own.

How can I ensure my voice is heard?
- Be an active Sect of Blades member (HELP SECT).
- Participate in foci lessers and majors (HELP FOCI).

Should I submit a report about a bug?
- No, use the bug system to report a bug (HELP BUGS).

Commands for submission:

 * Displays information on whether you are able to submit reports and if
   submission is currently enabled. An announcement will be made when
   submissions are turned on.

 CLASSLEAD NEW <skillset> <skillname>
 * Creates a new report under the specified skill and ability. You can use
   REPORTS to view any created reports by you. Please note, if you are
   proposing a new skill within a skillset, please use NEW for the skillname.

 CLASSLEAD <#> PROBLEM [description]
 * Specifies the problem your report seeks to address. Please be as specific
   as possible and provide numbers when necessary. The more detailed you are,
   the more likely your report will receive attention.

 CLASSLEAD <#> SOLUTION <1-3> [description]
 * Provides a possible solution to your described problem. Again, be as
   specific as possible and provide numbers. You are not required to provide
   the maximum of three solutions, though the more viable alternatives
   offered, the more likely a report will be given consideration.

 * Submits your report for consideration by others and the administrative
   team. A report will not count toward your maximum submission total until
   it is submitted.

 * If your report has not been reviewed by the administration, you may delete
   it from your records.

Commands for viewing reports:

 * View a list of reports that have been submitted for review.

 REPORT <number>
 * View the full details of a specific classlead report. 

Commands for reviewing:

 CLASSLEAD <#> COMMENT <comment>
 * Weigh in on a submitted report and leave a comment. This is only visible
   to the administration.

 * Support a submitted report for implementation. This is only visible to
   the administration.

 CLASSLEAD <#> REJECT <reason>
 * Reject a submitted report for implementation. This will only be visible
   to the administration.