10.2 Ruling Council

The ruling council of a city-state is generally composed of five members. These five members are elected by the populace, via the methods described in HELP ELECTIONS. HELP <city> will show you who the members of a ruling council are.

While the perceived responsibilities of a ruling council may vary in the eyes of each citizen, it can safely be said that the ruling council must take credit and blame for what happens to their city. While the power to actually affect most city-related things lies in the hands of the Ministers and their aides, it is the ruling council who chooses the leader, who appoints the Ministers. If the Ministers or the leader is doing a poor job, it is up to the ruling council to fix the situation.

As a member of a ruling council, you may use the following commands:

Citizenship and Security
CITIZEN <person> / UNCITIZEN <person> 
Invite a person to join your city or remove them from your community.

BRAND <person> [ENEMY/ALLY] <reason>
Brand someone an official enemy of your city, or lift the enemy status.
Due to the time it takes to propagate the order to the guards, this will not take effect until the beginning of the next Aetolian week.

CITYFAVOUR <person> <reason> / CITYDISFAVOUR <person> <reason>
Grant your cityfavour to a person, which helps elevate their rank, or give them your disfavour which helps lower their rank. 

SUPPORT <person>
Throw your support behind a member of the ruling council. The person with majority support will become the city leader.

FUNDS <ministry>
See the funds level for a a selected ministry. Must be in the Council Room for this. Will not work on the Stewardship.

Same as READLOG in HELP CITYCOMMANDS, but shows you logs for ingoing and outgoing revenue.

Write a message ot the city's revenue logs.

Add or remove items from the city stockpile from the council room. The stockpile is essentially a stockroom and follows the same rules: things that do not decay in a stockroom will not decay in the stockpile. Things that decay in a stockroom will decay in the stockpile.

View and modify city announcements, which appear when a citizen logs in.

See some basic economic info on your city.

CITY LAWS <option>
Compose the laws of your city. Options are COMPOSE, PUBLIC, and PRIVATE.

Open Referendums (see HELP REFERENDUMS)

Same as READLOG in HELP CITYCOMMANDS, but shows you logs for military activity.

See the military status for your city.