8.7.5 Org Requests

Aetolia offers mechanisms for Guildmasters, and City Leaders to submit out-of-character requests directly to the game's producers. For the sake of example, I am the Cityleader of Esterport and I'd like to plan an incursion of livestock.

OrgRequests require two parts before they can be submitted:
 - A brief 'headline' summary of what the request entails. For example, mine would be "Killer sheep raid the city.'
 - A more thorough description of the request, which should be just as long as you need it to be in order to pitch your case. Mine:

"For too long, citizens of Esterport have been wearing sweaters without fear of retribution or judgement for their hateful, woolmongering ways. I'd like to help advance this part of the city's story by attacking the main quarter with vicious killer sheep. They would harass anyone wearing a sweater, scarf, or knit cap and attack anyone who refused to give them up. They should be pretty powerful, but I don't want them to be too much more than a nuisance. Getting instagibbed by a bunch of sheep would be irritating."

Once your OrgRequest is submitted, it goes directly to Aetolia's producers for approval or rejection. Don't be offended if your idea is rejected: There should hopefully be a good explanation as to why that's the case. If the request is approved, someone will contact you about implementing and overseeing the scheme.

While OrgRequests are tied to the office (Guildmaster, etc), and each new incumbent will be able to see his or her predecessors' reports for that organization, viewing and notification are handled through a "watch" system. When you submit your request, both you and your org's Patron are added to the watchlist for that request. Even if you are replaced as Guildmaster, you'll remain involved with those reports unless you or your successor asks for your removal. It's entirely possible for us to add other watchers to your report, if you'd like to deputize a guild leader or city minister to weigh in on the project. Simply let us know in your description or a comment whom you'd like to add.

Check out ORGREQ HELP to see the command usage and get started.