7.2 Clothing

BUY [<number>] <item>
WEAR <item> [ON <location>]
REMOVE <item> [ON <location>]
SHIFT <item> TO <location>

Clothing is mostly decorative in Aetolia, providing no protection in combat (though amour does). It is worn mostly as an expression of a character, and to fight the rise of nudity, of course.

Finding, Making and Buying Clothing
In every major city, and many denizen villages, you will find shops that sell clothing. Most of these shops are stocked by adventurers such as yourself who practice the craft of tailoring. You will most likely find clothing among their wares, but you may also look for tailors awake in the realms with CRAFTLIST TAILORING. Also see HELP TAILORING for information on acquiring and using the skill yourself.                                                                

Wearing and Removing
In order to put on clothing (wear), simply type WEAR <clothing>. 
To take off clothing (remove), type REMOVE <clothing>. 

Both of these commands can be turned into custom emotes (for more information see HELP EMOTES).

Refer to HELP OUTFITS for a system of remembering common clothing layouts you use.

How Much Can You Wear?
Each article of clothing has any number of 'wear locations' that it can be worn on. You can check these locations by PROBING the item. Be aware that each location is limited to a number of items, and clothing may need shifting around if your desired look is to be attained.

Note: Artifacts will not count towards any such limitations.

Looking At Others
You can also look at another adventurer's clothing with the LOOK <person> <piece of clothing> command.

Shifting Clothing
As mentioned earlier, clothing can be worn in a number of locations. If you wish to move a piece of worn clothing from one location to another, type SHIFT <item> TO <location>. This shifting will not appear to other adventurers. 

Concealing Clothing and Attire
Aetolia doesn't make any assumptions about your wear habits, giving you the freedom to wear your underpants under -or- over your trousers. However, this means you will have to conceal each item individually, which can be done with the ATTIRE command. Incidentally, the attire command can also be used to further customize your outfit.

Colorful Outfits and Dyekits
In your travels you may come across dyeable pieces of clothing. In shops these items are marked as '(dyeable),' but PROBING the clothing will also reveal whether or not it is eligible. A dyeable piece of clothing will be colored 'gray' by default, but can be customized to your liking. See HELP DYEKIT for more information.


Your status (HELP STATUS) will indicate, roughly, how thickly dressed you are at a glance. Tailors can set a 'warmth' level to their clothing items, allowing it to provide more warmth or less warmth accordingly - so do not trust the materials alone. Warmth will help keep you wrapped up in the chilly weather, which can affect you in various ways.

The levels are as follows:

  1) ardently draped

  2) warmly covered

  3) fully clothed

  4) lightly dressed

  5) scantily-clad

  6) essentially naked