6.9 Weather

Weather in Aetolia is a simple, and intuitive affair. The only weather-related command to know about is OUTLOOK, which will tell you about the temperature, the wind, humidity, and precipitation. You will usually find that all the weather in one area is the same. For instance, all of the Western Ithmia would have the same weather. Unfortunately, this does mean that when moving from one area to another, you could immediately be in a new type of weather.             

As you spend time in Aetolia, you will encounter a number of possible weather-related effects. Feeling too cold or too hot is the most common issue you'll come across. You can keep yourself warm by wearing plenty of clothing, or cool down by wearing less. Additionally certain weather phenomena can create a dangerous environment to be in. Thunder storms could end with you being struck by lightning, and getting caught in heavy rain can leave you soaking wet. There are more violent kinds of weather such as a tornado, firestorms, or blizzards, but you would be unlucky to encounter them.

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