20.11.65 Ithmian Forests

The Ithmian forests consist of three areas: The Western Ithmia,the Northern
Ithmia and the Eastern Ithmia. The Great Oak sits in the center of the vast Ithmian forests, and is home to the Duiran Council.

The Western Ithmia is full of Cedar and Poplar trees, giving shade to the
mysterious and beautiful dryads that make their home among them.

Across the Zaphar river, the Northern Ithmia stands a much shadowy, foreboding
place. Darker and denser, the trees here provide the perfect environment for
tengus and newts to make their homes. It also houses the ancient ruins of
Hashan deep within its core.

The Eastern Ithmia is home to a variety of trees, ranging from oak to cedar to
evergreen. Great white stags wander about searching for food, and within its
depths the ancient burial ground of the dryads can be found.