Nymphs are a species of the fae distinguishable enough in their reliable forms to identify as their own subspecies. Like the fae, they are living beings but differ greatly in the way they age, reproduce, and even die.

The term 'nymph' can refer to several types of fae creatures:

Dryads are fae beings of the trees. Each dryad forms a bond with her tree, forming a symbiotic, permanent relationship. Destroying the tree also destroys with it the dryad linked to it, and vice versa.

Undine are water nymphs, similar to dryads in their physical shape, but with an affinity toward the lakes and streams of Sapience.

Nayar are the consorts of dryads, manifesting as handsome, slender men. Unlike dryads, who meld with trees, the nayar meld with dryads to form their relationships.