18.1.4 Champions Core

Champions of the Core is similar to a Bloodbath, but points are gained in a radically different way.

An unstable ylem core will spawn within the arena. Picking up the ylem core - and holding on to it - will cause you to gain points. But wait, the prize comes with a catch. The core is highly volatile, and once grabbed, will cling to the player. When carried too long, it will explode, destroying them and everyone in the room with it. The amount of time it takes for this to happen is random, but no one has yet to last longer than five minutes. 

Holding the core will also restrict you in a lot of ways:
 * You'll fall out of the trees and sky.
 * You'll move slowly.
 * You'll not have access to any guild skills.
 * Hoods and cloaks will not work.
 * Cannot use prismatic barriers.

When destroyed, or if the holder is killed, a new core will materialize in the ylem-rich environment, at a random location, just waiting for someone foolhardy enough to try to claim it again.

Point gain is increased with the more opponents in the event. If you are holding the core and surrounded by enemies, your point gain will double! However, team mates in the same room will decrease the amount of points you gain each tick.

This event can be played individually, or in teams. Players dying during Champions of the Core will respawn immediately within the arena.

To see how much time is left, or to see who is currently holding the core, type ES <arena>.