19.8 Issues and Issuing


We would like you to know a few things before trying to use the ISSUES system, and the ISSUE command. First, the ISSUE command; second, what IS an issue; third, what ISN'T an issue; fourth, some GUIDELINES about filing issues; fifth, more commands; and sixth, the conclusion.         

The syntax of this command is:

   ISSUE <person> <a description of your issue>

(person could be ME, or the name of another player in Aetolia) (see MORE COMMANDS, at the end of this document, for more commands related to issues)                                                                 

An ISSUE is one of two things:

1) A problem: An ISSUE is a problem in Aetolia, probably with another
   player or a group, that you cannot resolve in any other in-character

2) A personal request for clarification or immortal assistance: It is OK
   to issue in order to ask a question, get clarification from the admins,
   or to anonymously report harassment. Just ISSUE ME <your issue here>.

   Note: "ISSUE ME I need to talk to a divine." is not enough. Give us
   your question or problem! Don't just say you need to talk to us.

What Isn't An Issue?
An ISSUE is not a problem with how the game works - that is a BUG, and you should use the BUG command to report it.                            

An ISSUE is not a suggestion for a new way to do things - that is an IDEA, and you should use the IDEA command to suggest it.                

Buying Credits, Credit Purchases, etc., are not Issues
For CREDIT or PURCHASES (e.g. you're trying to buy credits on the website, or sending in a money order, or you've not gotten credits in a reasonable period, or you want to negotiate a larger purchase, etc): for questions or problems like this: DON'T ISSUE! Contact support@aetolia.com or razmael@aetolia.com via email.

If it's a problem with a customization, pet, buying an artifact, converting credits, and the like, contact razmael@aetolia.com.

   Know the rules.
   Issue only once, then wait.
   The issue or reply is your only chance to make your case:
   use it well.
   Don't lie - we have ways of checking.
   An issue is a last resort: try IC resolution first.
   Don't abuse the system (e.g. filing multiple times on the 
   same problem).

- ISSUE ONLY ONCE! Make sure to include all relevant information, and then wait for a message from one of our administrators with the result of the issue, or possibly a request for more information. The person you are issuing has a chance to respond to your issue. That does NOT mean you can issue again to respond to their response. Include all the information in your issue: then a second issue won't be necessary.      

- After you issue, wait. Do not message every divine you can think of and ask if your issue is being handled. We will get to your issue as soon as we can.                                                         

- Put _everything_ in the issue or the replyissue. This is your right to be heard - write it down in the issue, or the reply. You will not be interviewed. You will not have a meeting, or a hearing. The admins will judge your case based on the issue and reply, plus their own research only.                                                                   

- The administrators are not stupid. We have many ways to check the accuracy of your story, so be careful about lying in your issue.        

- Try to handle problems in character (IC) first, and then use ISSUEs. If Joe killed you for looking at him wrong, then there are plenty of things you can try before getting the administrators involved with an ISSUE. If no possible IC solution can exist, or further problems continue, then DO seek help by filing an ISSUE.                         

- Do not abuse the issue system. Filing 3 or 4 issues at the same time is quite likely a sign of ISSUE abuse.

- Issues are not acceptable reasons for later retaliation. If it is suspected that this was your main motivation, we may consider your actions harassment and punish you accordingly.

- The administration will not rule on hypothetical situations posed via issues. File an issue against the individual you feel has broken the rules after ensuring you follow the above guidelines.                                  


   ISSUE <person> <text>      - File an issue
   REPLYISSUE <issue#> <text> - Respond to an issue filed about you.
   ISSUES                     - List issues by or about you.
   SHOWISSUE <issue#>         - Show details of an issue.
   DELISSUE <issue#>          - Withdraw an issue.

Aetolia is designed for everyone to have fun and, whenever possible, to find their own ways to live, and play, and get along. Issues are there when everything else just isn't working. Just be sure you have tried the alternatives, leaving ISSUE for the last resort.                        

You may also find that handling problems in an IC manner may result in a lot more fun!