7.15 Consider Command

You'll learn quickly that the CONSIDER command is quite useful. It tells you a few things that you need to focus on: the general measure of a mobile's strength, who, if applicable, it is loyal to, if it is vulnerable to critical hits, and any resistances or weaknesses it might have to certain kinds of damage.

These are the messages you may see when you CONSIDER a mobile or a denizen. It goes from strongest to weakest:

  radiates with terrifyingly monstrous power
  emanates a presence of lethal brawn
  exudes an aura of overwhelming might
  has an air of extreme strength
  looks to be crushingly strong
  appears to be extraordinarily strong
  is quite powerful
  is not one to be trifled with
  seems strong and confident
  exudes a quiet confidence
  seems to be unafraid
  appears to lack strength
  does not look particularly dangerous
  is a humble-looking creature
  looks relatively helpless
  looks weak and feeble