7.15 Consider Command

You'll learn quickly that the CONSIDER command is quite useful. It tells
you two things that you need to focus on: the general measure of a      
mobile's strength and who, if applicable, it is loyal to.               

For example, CONSIDER rat might tell you that "A rat looks weak and     
feeble." This means that its strength is no comparison to yours, whereas
if CONSIDER tells you that "A rat is quite powerful." would mean that   
the rat is significantly stronger than you.                             

If you want to learn how much damage it is taking while you are hitting 
it, EVALUATE, if you have the ability, would allow you to gauge.        


These are the messages you may see when you CONSIDER a mobile or a      
denizen. It goes from strongest to weakest:                             

  almost glows with nearly god-like power
  does not even register your presence as a threat
  exudes an aura of overwhelming power
  has an air of extreme strength
  looks to be crushingly strong
  appears to be extraordinarily strong
  is quite powerful
  is not one to be trifled with
  seems strong and confident
  exudes a quiet confidence
  seems to be unafraid
  appears to lack strength
  does not look particularly dangerous
  is a humble-looking creature
  looks relatively helpless
  looks weak and feeble