13.1.2 Damage

When taking damage within Aetolia, there are twelve different types that you could be struck by. These are:

Damage type           Example
-----------           -------
Cutting               the Stab of a Sentinel's dhurive
Blunt                 the Bash of a Carnifex's hammer
Cold                  the Frostblade ability of an Ascendril
Fire                  the Scorch ability of a Zealot
Asphyxiation          the Kai Choke ability used by Monks
Electric              the Lightning ability of a Shaman
Magic                 the Blast ability of a Sciomancer
Poison                the Camus venom used by Syssin
Psychic               the Crux ability used by Archivists
Unblockable           the Disembowel ability used by Templar
Spirit                the Purity ability used by a Luminary
Shadow                the Taint ability used by Indorani

The damage in question will also come from a source. Depending on the source, the damage will be stronger (or weaker) depending on the stats of the damage dealer. These are:

Source type           Stat relation
-----------           -------------
Brute                 modified by Strength
Magical               modified by Intelligence
Agile                 modified by Dexterity
Fortitude             modified by Constitution
None                  not modified by a stat

For each type of damage, there exists ways to reduce how much you receive. For instance, the higher your Avoidance skill, the more easily you will avoid physical (both blunt and cutting) attacks, or be able to reduce the damage you take from them. There are mini-skills for defending against all other types of damage with the exclusion of Unblockable, Spirit, and Shadow.

Furthermore, you may find elixirs or particular defences that help you with a certain kind of damage. We will leave it up to you to discover these, however.

If you wish to see what kind of damage you are receiving, then consider typing CONFIG DAMAGE_CHANGE ON.