9.4.1 Avoidance

As you train in Avoidance, you will learn the art of controlling your prana-musculature in order to quickly avoid a physical attack, or divert it in a manner that makes it less effective. The basic commands to begin dodging or diverting are DODGE <type> or DIVERT <type>, providing you have learned the ability to do so in Avoidance.

There are five different dodge/diversion types to choose from:
  * Melee   - Melee physical attacks, such as a punch or sword.
  * Ranged  - Ranged physical attacks, such as an arrow or thrown weapon.
  * Charges - Any physical attack which requires movement between rooms.
  * Upsets  - Any involuntary balance or equilibrium loss.
  * All     - All of the above, but with a far smaller chance.

The Training ability in Avoidance will help you determine what type is better suited to your situation.

It is important to note that nearly all attacks from NPCs are considered melee, with some minor exceptions.

== Dodge/Divert Chance ==

Your chance to dodge or divert will begin with a base value, which can then be further modified by either skills or your character's statistics. Not all types will have the same base value.

Dexterity, the main stat for Avoidance, will either provide a bonus to your dodge and divert chance, or reduce it depending on how much you have. For each point over 13, you will gain an extra 1% to dodge an attack, while for each point under 13, you will lose an extra 2%.

Strength will help determine how much you divert an attack by. For each point you have over 13, you will gain an extra 3% reduction in damage to that attack.

Being prone (HELP PRONE) will prevent you from dodging, including some class specific afflictions that are not listed within. However do note that you may, unlike dodging, divert while fallen, which can make it more useful in certain scenarios.

== Dodging Cooldown ==

Dodging also comes with a minor and major cooldown to prevent someone from dodging multiple times in a row. As a side note, there is no cooldown on how often you can divert an attack.

If you dodge an attack in Melee, then you will be unable to dodge again for six seconds. All other dodge types have a cooldown of only two seconds. In all instances where you do not dodge an attack, but could have, then your ability to dodge will be put on cooldown for two seconds.

Although the cooldown exists, it is possible to circumvent it with certain skills. For example, Nimbleness in Avoidance will allow you to dodge multiple attacks for a limited time, regardless of your dodge cooldown.

Lastly, when it comes to multiple opponents, should someone different from the last attacker attempt to hit you while your dodge is on cooldown, the cooldown will be reset.

== Armour ==

Armour can have an effect on your dodge and divert chance. Heavier armour will grant a penalty to your dodging chance, however it will give you a bonus to your diversion chance. You may wish to remove your armour depending on the situation at hand.

Armour type       Dodge     Divert
Field              -5%        +5%
Splint             -4%        +4%
Chain              -3%        +3%
Scale              -2%        +2%
Ring               -1%        +1%
Leather             0%        0%

Shield type       Dodge     Divert
All                -2%        0%