8.6.4 Sciomancers

Residing in the frozen north, the Sciomancers have bonded together in the common pursuit of control and power. Gifted with a direct link to the dark realm of Shadow, they focus their training on controlling and shaping its destructive energies into weapons to destroy their enemies and safeguard their home, Spinesreach.

Through their skills in Sciomancy, these Mages of Shadow harness the raw fury of Shadow into a tremendous force of elemental might. They control illusions and create aegis' with powerful glyphs thanks to their knowledge in Sorcery, causing a multitude of effects meant to bring their enemies to their knees. They also have the ability to control and bend gravity at their will with their skill in Gravitation.

Though not all of their abilities result in destruction, access to the realm of Shadow has granted them a wide variety of spells, the secrets of which are known only to those within their collective.

Despite having once held all elements in their hands, they consider themselves enhanced rather than crippled by the loss of all the other elements. Instead, they revel in experimenting and testing the limits of their connection with the Shadow Plane. The Sciomancers are a force to be respected and woe to those who would cross their path.