15.6 Illusion Rules

Illusions are messages that appear to be sent by some part of the game, 
but are actually produced by a player in an intention to confuse combat 
reflexes or to deceive in some other fashion. In general, illusions are 
a clear part of the game that one should expect to encounter, but there 
are certain situations that illusions are not appropriate in.           

-Illusioning the behavior of another player in an effort to see them    
punished by the Administration is illegal. The Gods can track all       
illusions that take place, so do not try to claim ignorant!             

-Illusioning messages regarding OOC information, such as Administrative 
announcements, communication from Gods, or credit transfers, is illegal.
Note that illusioning prompts is exempted from this stipulation due to  
its combat usefulness.                                                  

-Illusioning sexually explicit or harassing material without the knowing
consent of the illusioned party is always illegal.