11.1.3 Razmael, the Synthesist

As Lord Varian felt the continued dormancy of His creation, the Parity, He sensed the energies of reality shifting without a constant presence to ensure its balance. In an instant, He tore the essence from the Parity and combined it with the very power of His endless Will into a new and supremely powerful Being. 

Razmael, the Synthesist, was created of The Celestine's desire to restore the essence of creation and destruction into a single vessel. Adorned in a cloak of raw energy, His presence is so powerful and commanding that the very fabric of reality shifts to His will; it is with this endless power that He maintains the equilibrium of life. Without need or desire for a mortal following, He has no temple and no shrines, instead ascending beyond the trivialities of mortality to serve the realm as the supreme master of creation and destruction.