8.32.1 Classlead Guidelines

Here's some quick and dirty guidelines to help get your report moving through the chain. While these are just guidelines and not absolute rulings, your report will likely be more favourable if they are followed.

Be concise as possible
Try and avoid lengthy logs or external links. The administration team have a powerful logging system to check through fight data themselves if need be.

Provide information and/or numbers
Don't simply state that a skill is designed badly, instead state why it is broken and in what context. Provide numbers if you can, but try and avoid comparing one class skills to another. Keep your focus on what the class as a whole can do.

Tweaking vs changing
Reports that recommend tweaks such as to balance, mana cost, damage, and so on will be more likely to be implemented then those that outright ask for drastic changes. Save requests for large changes when there's no path forward. Deletion is often not a good answer.

Test and test again
Skills can change a lot, especially if you have taken a break and are just getting back into the swing of things. Review news posts or changelogs if need be.

Avoid asking for reskinned skills
Classes are a lot more fun to play when skills are different between each other. Try and be as original as possible if you are suggesting a new skill.

Be mindful of team balance
Some abilities can be incredibly powerful when executed by a coordinated team. Be mindful of how your report will end up working in relation to other classes within your tether.

Ask for peer review
Nothing hurts more than losing a report over shortsighted mistake. Get as many people as you can to review your report before submission, there might be something wrong with it.

Them against us mentality
The idea of the classlead process is to be fair to all players involved. Make sure you tackle your problem thoroughly before deciding that it needs administrative intervention. Our combat system is pretty complex, and you may be overlooking something.

Keep checking back here each cycle, as more guidelines will be added as they become apparent.