3.13 News System

Aetolia's news system is for players to write articles that other players may then read. It is divided into sections, with the main ones being:                                                                  

Public    : Everyone can read it and write in it.
Announce  : Everyone can read it. Only gods may write on it.
Guilds    : There is a section for each guild, and you must be in 
            that guild in order to read it or write in it.
Cities    : There is a section for each city, and you must be a member
            of that city in order to read it or write in it.
Orders    : For each Divine Order, there is a news section, but you 
            must be a member of that Order to read it or write in it.
Clans     : For each clan, there is a news section. You must be off 
            probation to write on it.

While you must be in the news in order to write articles, you may read articles from outside the news. Typing NSTAT will show you how many articles there are in each section you can read, and the last number you read.

In order to access the news system, simply type NEWS and wait. Once in the NEWS system, you may type HELP to get information on how to use the news.

If you choose to write an article, you will enter the Aetolian Composer. This tool allows you to write an article, skip around from line to line, replace lines, delete lines, and so on. Typing *help from within the Composer will give you help on how to use it.                           

Something to keep in mind while using the public, guild, order, and city news sections is that these are strictly in-role sections. Repeated out-of-character articles may result in the termination of your writing privileges.                                                             

Command summary:
NSTAT        : Show you a summary of the news sections you can access.
NEWS:        : Enter the news system.
READNEWS     : Read a news article from outside the news system. The
               syntax is, for instance: READNEWS PUBLIC 1000.
               You can also read the latest post in a section with
               READNEWS <section> LAST.
READNEXT/RN  : Shows you the very next new post.
NLIST/NLISTV : Get a summary of news posts. The syntax is below:

DISREGARD <PUBLIC|MEETS|POETRY> : Ignore the specified section.
REGARD <PUBLIC|MEETS|POETRY> : Pay attention to the specified section.

NLIST [REVERSE] <section> [index]
NLISTV [REVERSE] <section> [index]

SEARCHNEWS <section> <phrase>
 - Will search the section for the specific phrase or word.


NLIST PUBLIC 1           : Lists the authors and titles of the public
                           posts 1-20.
NLIST REVERSE PUBLIC 100 : Lists the authors and titles reverse order of
                           public posts 100-81.
NLIST ANNOUNCE           : Lists the titles and authors of the twenty
                           most recent announce posts.
NLISTV PUBLIC 10         : Lists the authors, titles, and first line of
                           public posts starting with post 10.

NSTAT CATCHUP            : Marks all of your unread posts as read.

*As a note, if you are attempting to interact with a congregation board you may need to refer to it by tacking on the word CONGREGATION to the god's name.
For example: SEARCHNEWS BAMATHISCONGREGATION <your search here>.

See also: COMPOSER