3.3 Ignore Command

When reason fails and you just wish you could be oblivious of another   
person's presence, there's IGNORE. Once you have IGNOREd someone,       
neither of you can speak directly to one another (by TELL, MESSAGE, or  
SAY TO), nor can either of you use targeted emotes on the other. You    
also can not hear a person who you are ignoring on channels such as GNT,
GT, GTS, OT, HT, CT, or CLT. You are not able to hear shouts or yells   
from that person, nor are you able to send them mail.                   


IGNORE <person>
  - Starts ignoring someone. You may ignore up to 10 people at a time.

  - See a list of whom you are ignoring.

UNIGNORE <person>
  - Stops ignoring someone if you're already ignoring that person.

  - Removes everyone from your ignore list.

A caution: Do not ignore frivolously. Once you ignore someone, it will  
take some time before you can unignore them.                            

You should also never assist someone who has been ignored by passing    
along messages to the person who has ignored them, or been ignored by   
them, as this is a form of harassment, and you may see yourself punished
for it.