3.16 Postal System

Each of the cities in Aetolia has a post office, often located near the bank.
While in a post office, the following things can be done:

REQUEST LETTER: This will request a letter from the postal staff. The letters
                are magical, being able to not only be written on, but being
                able to hold things improbably large in them. The letters cost
                100 gold each, and will decay within a handful of Aetolian
                weeks. If you want to include items, just PUT <item> IN LETTER
                before you mail it. You must do this in a postal office.

WRITE LETTER: Compose a letter. A letter can hold a maximum of about 100 lines.

MAIL LETTER TO <whomever>: Address and mail a letter to whomever it is for. You
                           must do this in a postal office.

PRESERVE LETTER: Sometimes, you may receive a letter you wish to keep
                 permanently, out of sentiment, or perhaps as proof of some
                 nefarious plot. Doing this will cost 2000 gold. You must do
                 this in a postal office.

CHAR LETTER: Provided you have a source of fire with you, such as a tinderbox,
             you can partially char a non-preserved letter, which will cause
             bits and pieces of it to become unreadable. This can be done
             multiple times.

SEAL LETTER: With wax, a tinderbox and a candle, you can imprint your seal on a
             letter, allowing the recipient to see who sent it.