8.15 Guild Tells

Guildtell is a method by which you can communicate with all of your guildmembers currently online. There are really two kinds of guildtell, with an additional option on one of them.

Regular Guildtell
The command to use it is GT <whatever you want to say>. GTOFF cause you to stop listening to guildtells, while GTON will cause you to begin listening once again.

You may also use GTS (for GTSECRET) to speak to everyone in the guild who is not a novice and who is not on probation. The title of the channel will show up with << >> around it to indicate that it is secret.

Note: Neither GT nor GTS can be listened to or spoken on by novices.

Dark red names on GWHO indicate a guild member is not listening to the channel at that time (GTOFF). 

See also: GUILD, HELP 3 (for other means of communication)