3.14 Organizational Help Files

As much as our help file system documents, it will never even approach fully covering everything there is to know in Aetolia, as much of that knowledge is player-created and ever-changing. In order to facilitate the passing of information from older players to younger players, and to assist in the creation of a culture within these organizations, cities, guilds, clans, and Divine Orders can create organizational help files. The commands are as follows:

CITYHELP EDIT <file name>
- Can be done by ruling council, and any Minister. Creates or edits a
  help file with that name.

- Can be done by ruling council, and any Minister. Deletes a help file
  with that name.

- Shows you an index of city help files.

- Done by the organization leader, edits the appearance of the city help
  index itself.

CITYHELP <file name>
- Shows you a particular city help file.

The syntaxes for the other organizations are the same, except the root verb is: GUILDHELP, CLHELP, HOUSEHELP, or ORDERHELP.

In guilds, GMs and Secretaries can edit and delete. In Clans, only the clan head and those bestowed with the ability may do it, though in all cases, the organizational Patron can also edit the files. In Orders, only the God or Goddess and those that have the 'orderhelp' privilege may edit files for the Order.

You can create a custom index page for your orghelp by editing the 'index' file. Note that this means you will have to update the index each time your files get created or deleted. You can use GHELP REALINDEX to see an automatically updated list of all your orghelp files.

Orghelp files can be linked using MXP links as such:

To link to another one of your organization's help files, you wrap the help file's name in [[ and ]], i.e. [[filenamehere]].

To link to an actual help file you should wrap the help file name in [< and >], i.e. [<helpfilenamehere>].

To link to an AB file you should wrap the file name in [! and !], with a | to break up the skillset and ability. Only the ability part of the link will display to the player. For example, [!Battlefury|Strike!] will make a MXP link for AB BATTLEFURY STRIKE and show "Strike" to the reader.

Here is a slightly more verbose example:

Hello novice! Please take the time to read GHELP [[PROGRESSION]]. You should also read over HELP [<RAZMAEL>] as he's a pretty cool guy. You should learn the Survival skill [!Survival|Diagnose!] because it's useful.