8.30 Multiclass

Those who have become sufficiently proficient in their class skills are able to branch out and learn one or more other classes at the same time. This does not enable individuals to use the skills of both classes at the same time, but rather gives them the option of switching which of their class skills are active at any given time.               

There are two avenues to multiclassing. You may join a new class as long as you hold Master status in all of your existing classes (excluding Shapeshifter), which is defined as having either two Transcendent or three Virtuoso+ skills for the primary class abilities. You may also seek out a Master from the guild whose class you wish to acquire and request that they offer you Apprenticeship. In either case, you must have an available free class slot in order to acquire the new class.                                 

Not all classes are compatible with one another. See HELP CLASS COMPATIBILITY in order to see a list of which classes are incompatible.

Explanation of Syntaxes
CLASS LIST - Display a list of the classes you currently hold, as well as your skill ranks in each skill of that class.                        

CLASS SWITCH <class> - Switch to a different active class. This can only be performed once every twelve hours, and cannot be performed for ten minutes after being involved in aggressive actions. When switching classes, most of your general defenses will keep. Your armor may also be removed if your new class is incapable of wearing it. It is not necessary to relearn skills after switching to a new class. 

CLASS RESET COOLDOWN - instantly resets your class change cooldown. This costs 30 lessons, and the cost will increase by 10 lessons each time you do it. The cost resets back to 30 lessons every Howling. This will NOT reset your hostility class switch cooldown.

CLASS APPRENTICE <player> <class> - Offer to apprentice another adventurer in your currently active class. In order to act as a Master and offer Apprenticeship to another player, you must be a member of the guild which supports the class. In addition, you must have either two transcendent class skills in that class, or three Virtuoso or higher skills in that class. You may only apprentice up to two adventurers in a given season (12.5 days), and must have an average playtime of at least 5 hours per week in order to take on an apprentice. If you are not a member of the guild, then there is a cost of 250 lessons, or 40 credits, that the apprentice will need to pay.

CLASS QUIT <class> - Don't want to hold a class anymore? Then this is the function for you, providing the class you wish to quit doesn't coincide with your guild (otherwise you'll need to quit your guild first!). You will lose 50% of the lessons you invested in the class.

CLASS EXPAND CAPACITY - All adventurers are able to learn one extra class in addition to their primary class. However, adventurers may increase their capacity to learn new classes up to fourteen times, for a total capacity of sixteen classes. Newbies are limited to one class until graduation (HELP ACADEMY).

CLASS SELECT <class> - If you are part of a guild that has more than one active class (for example Sentinels/Warden or Sciomancers/Revenant), you may select the guild-specific class without needing to apprentice. 

The pricing is as follows:

Slot      Cost
  1       Free, this is your base class.
  2       Free, this is your one free slot for a secondary class.
  3       100 credits, the first purchased increase.
  4       200 credits
  5       300 credits
  6       300 credits
  7       450 credits
  8       450 credits
  9       450 credits
 10       500 credits
 11       500 credits
 12       500 credits
 13       500 credits
 14       500 credits
 15       500 credits
 16       500 credits