8.10 Guild Logs

In order to maintain accountability within a guild, logs are kept for a 
full week (real time) of all important guild actions. These include     
guildfavouring, guilddisfavouring, outguilding, inguilding, choosing a  
patron, putting someone on probation, paroling someone, and more.       

The syntax to see a log is:

READLOG <your guild name> <line to begin at - optional> <day to read -

If you simply wish to read the current day's log, from the beginning,   
then all you have to do is READLOG <your guild>. If you wish to read    
other day's logs, then you must include all four fields. For instance:  


would start you reading the Teradrim's guild log from 3 days ago,       
starting at line 1.                                                     

In addition to seeing a log, one with high enough guild rank or         
privileges can also write into a log with the following syntax:         

WRITELOG <guild> <text>

Note that you can only write into the current day's log.

See also: GUILD