8.6.5 Teradrim

Established in the year 164 MA, the Teradrim warband are a group who pursued power through the domination of the Earth. Making their home in Bloodloch, they reside within the deep caverns of the city, and from this Earthen Grotto they - along with the Earthcallers - keep watch over the Pillars of the Earth in an eternal vigil. 

Charged with maintaining the strength of the Pillars, they guard the prisons of the ancient Sorcerer-Kings, a bulwark against the cataclysm that would occur should they ever break free.

Through the skill of Terramancy, the Teradrim eschew the finer elemental arts and wield the earth as a veritable bludgeon. Their very will is made manifest in binding rites that call upon earth and 
stone to shatter the limbs and skulls of their foes. Through Desiccation, the Teradrim draw upon the sweltering sands of the desert and leave the whole of the landscape as a desolate wasteland beneath their peerless touch. 

Finally, with Animation, the Teradrim raise soulless soldiers of stone and earth to follow their bidding as golems. Imbuing their forms with etched marks of power, the golems are bound to the very will of their masters and are tireless in their duty to serve.

The strongest amongst the Teradrim stand as kin of the Earthen, imitating their forms and drawing upon the power of the Pillars of the Earth to fuel their boundless strength.

Bolstering the ranks of the Teradrim are the Earthcallers, a caste of warrior priests whose order originated in the great city of Azvosh Rakar. Combining mastery over bone to enact Subjugation along with Tectonic expertise to wield lava and stone in battle, a deep reverence for the Earth underpins the lust for battle and thirst for war. 

The holy verses of the Earthen known as the Apocalyptia complete the Earthcaller's arsenal, allowing them to propagate the fervour of their faith through the immortal Earthen Dirge.