17.2.2 Earthen

As the vast plane of earth shifted and split its maw wide at the dawn of time, the Earthen arose from the yawning pit. The ravenous mephit swarmed around them in prayer, the colossi were forced to kneel, and the leviathan wyrms were broken to serve. The Earthen named the plane as Azvosh and roared their dirge across the dead expanse. As the rulers of Azvosh, they reign with an iron-clad fist over the lesser creatures within and none seek to challenge their pitiless rule.

With bodies of stone, the Earthen stride across the plane as an echo of the land they arose from. Sand and stone envelops their form, leaving them as towering giants of the elemental earth. Their eyes are little more than burning pits and their heart is molten slag that imbues their limb with such vast strength over the boundless expanse. Eschewing weaponry of the lesser races, the Earthen carve the land to their whim with their very hands. With earth molded in their own image, the sorcerer-kings created empty husks known as golems which tirelessly serve their masters as messengers and unyielding soldiers which only rise again upon their fall.

The Earthen have long been ruled by the powerful sorcerer-kings from Azvosh Rakar known as the Council of Ash. Ruled by this council, the Earthen respect only the strength of their kin and seek to consume or crush those that stand against their vast armies. Should their kings falter or fail in battle, they are brought to the Pillars of the Earth to serve for all of eternity as the Earthen feast upon their essence, draining them of their endless strength.

The sorcerer-kings were brought to knee by the Lord Ivoln in an age long past, and now praise Him as their Earthen Lord, bound to serve Him and His ilk when the call is raised. It is whispered that if loosed from their prison, the fallen kings shall rise again and devour all that lay before them.