8.6.12 Syssin

Centuries ago, Severn, God of Artifice chose a select few mortals to act as defenders of Spinesreach, bestowing upon them His gift of guile and deception. With a history steeped in tradition and mystery, the Syssin stand as the staunch defenders of the Spires today just as they did during the founding and height of the Ankyrean Order ages ago.

Though their training has now spread to all of Sapience, the Guild itself remains true to their historical roots of a close-knit, deeply loyal collection of people. As the fourth century of the Midnight Age approached and came to pass, the Syssin were given an additional charge by Severn, the Manipulator.

Following the emergence of the Shadowbound onto the Prime Material Plane, the Syssin were commanded by their Patron to oppose the advance of the fell creatures and their creator, the Shadow Mother. This ongoing war is mysterious to the continent as a whole, its details known only to the Syssin and their God.

Masters of stealth, the Syssin employ the skill of Subterfuge to live in the Shadows, effortlessly weaving in and out of the battlefield and gaining reconnaisance without their enemies' knowledge. Rather than rely on brute force in combat, Syssin instead prefer to act with finesse through the skill of Assassination, training in dirks, whips, and long-range bowmanship to kill with deadly precision. To further these ends, Syssin use their skill of Hypnosis to manipulate a victim's mind and body, implanting maladies and even defined actions into their brain.