11.2.11 Severn, the Manipulator

The divinity, Severn, is the embodiment of shadow on the continent of Sapience. While His chosen form can vary wildly from encounter to encounter, recently He seems to be taking the appearance of a large Minotaur, a race which has a special affinity for Him.

The reasons for Severn's actions are as difficult to judge as one would expect. Following the twisting labyrinth of obscured actions and misdirection have tended to be fruitless efforts for mortals seeking to find His motives. Some may conclude that Severn's means might be His only ends, but the clever observer tends to notice patterns from what is generally known about the influence that point to some unknown goal. The Artificer is known for His love of bargaining and will never back out of a deal, although one may not always find this to be in their favour.

Severn's order is the hand employed to carry out His will and His tenets are the preferred tools with which they work. Artifice, Influence, Intimidation, and Subversion are found to be the most efficient means to shift and change most situations to His liking; those loyal to Him always keep an eye out for persons with talent in those areas.