13.18 Battlefields

Battlefields are a system for organisation leaders to propose one-off skirmishes with one or more organisations. This allows instanced battlefields to be established in an area for small PvP engagements without the risk of snowballing or undesired interference.

The intention behind this system is to be a roleplay-driven PK mechanic, without mechanical rewards or features except for the battlefield isolation itself. Results of battles that take place will be posted to the politics news board with a detailed breakdown of results.

Anyone can spectate the battlefield from the base area and observe who is in your room from the battlefield equivalent of that room, along with most combat messages appearing for proper spectating. This is one-way only.

Only members of the involved organisations can join the battle directly, and there is no experience loss OR gain by default.

General Syntaxes
View a list of upcoming or in-planning battlefield plan that you are eligible for. Battlefield plans still in planning can only be seen by those with battlefield priviledges.

View more details on a battlefield plan.

While standing in, or before, an active battlefield you can check the current score of each faction involved and the time remaining.

View a history of past battlefields an organisation has been involved in as a matter of public record.

If you are eligible for multiple organisations involved in the same battlefield, you must enlist the banner of a single one of them. You can set this at any point before or during the battle, however you cannot change your enlisted organisation once the battlefield has begun unless you have yet to initially pick one.

If you are eligible to do so, enter a battlefield that is open before you. This is a channeled action.

Use this command to leave a battlefield prematurely. This is a channeled action.

Syntaxes for Planners
BATTLEFIELD NEW <your org> <area>
Creates a battlefield plan draft for an organisation you lead at the specified area. 
- Valid areas must be on Sapience continent, have a minimum size of 10 rooms, and can't already be an open PK area or a newbie area.

Delete a battlefield plan that's still in its draft stage.

Specifies a time limit for the battlefield. This cannot be turned off.
- There is a minimum time of 10 minutes possible, and a maximum time of 90 minutes.
- This has a default of 30 minutes if not specified.

Specifies the start time the battlefield will open. If all involved organisations don't submit agreement by the start time, the battlefield plan is cancelled.
- Timestamp should given as GMT time, and must be in the format yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
- e.g. 2021/10/01 01:30:00

Specify how many opposing factions the battlefield will have. 
- There is a minimum of 2 factions and a maximum of 12 factions.

Assign a valid organisation to one of the proposed factions. A valid organisation is a city, guild or order.
- You cannot change the faction of the organisation that is drafting this battlefield plan.

Unassign an organisation from the list of factions, removing their proposed involvement.

BATTLEFIELD <#> VICTORY <condition> [<counter>]
Sets the victory condition for this battlefield to one of the following:
Kills         - The faction with the most kills wins.
              - Optional: Supply a counter to make it first to reach that amount of kills.
              - If failed to reach in the time limit, defaults to faction with most kills.			  
Time          - The faction that spends the most time in battlefield wins.
              - Optional: Supply a counter to make it the first to reach that amount of time spent.
              - If failed to reach in the time limit, defaults to faction with longest time.
              - Highly recommended to combine with the battlefield entrance cooldown term.

Killgap       - The faction that achieves a decisive kill gap wins.
              - Optional: Supply a counter to make that the kill gap number, otherwise it defaults to a lead of 10 kills.
              - If failed to reach in time limit, defaults to faction with most kills.
Only a full death counts as a kill. 

In the event of a draw when the timer runs out, the battlefield will gain 10 minutes of overtime to decide a winner.

BATTLEFIELD <#> ADD TERM <term> [<counter>]
Adds a term of engagement to the battlefield plan draft. Optional, but often recommended!

Concurrent    - Set the number of concurrent people from each faction that can
                be in the battlefield at once.
Cooldown      - When someone from a faction dies, the faction is locked out from
                joining the battlefield for <counter> seconds.
Celerity      - Locks all participants celerity to the specified amount, 1 to
Experience    - Turns experience loss and gain on.
Restricted    - Bans the use of certain restricted skills (HELP RESTRICTED
Monolithed    - Entire battlefield acts as if it has a monolith sigil in each
Truedeath     - No self-resurrection or revival abilities can bring combatants
                back to life.
Militia       - Only members of a city militia can join.
Lockout       - Combatants are individually locked out from rejoining the
                battlefield for <counter> seconds when they die. Timer starts
                from their death.

Removes term of engagement from the battlefield plan draft.

Commits your battlefield plan, notifying all of the assigned organisations and asking for their agreement.
- If the planned time for your battlefield overlaps with another already committed or upcoming plan for the same area, you will be unable to commit.
- All involved parties must agree to the battlefield plan before the start time, or the plan will be cancelled and go back to a drafting stage.
- If any involved party rejects the plan, it will immediately be cancelled and go back to a drafting stage. The canceling party will be removed from the list of factions.

Agree on behalf of the specified organisation to a battlefield plan that has been proposed to them.

Reject on behalf of the specified organisation a proposed battlefield plan.