7.5.1 Sigil Types

Sigils are small, magical symbols that may be attached to items, or     
dropped on the ground. They have a variety of effects. For instance, a  
fist sigil makes an item safe from certain attacks that try to rob you  
of items. You may obtain sigils from marketplaces in cities or from     
enchanters (HELP ENCHANTMENT).         

For those sigils which must be attached to something, the syntax is     
simply ATTACH <sigil> to <whatever>.                                    

Shape         Effect
Fist          When ATTACHED to an item, it cannot be knocked out of your
              inventory easily.

Monolith      When on the ground in the location you are in, this will
              prevent most forms of instant teleportation into the room.

Flame         When ATTACHED to an item, the item will not be able to be
              wielded, picked up, given away, or put anywhere. In other
              words, you will be able to drop the item, and that will be
              it. You won't be able to get it afterwards. If you don't 
              drop the item, then it will be safe in your inventory 
              insofar as no one will be able to order you to give it
              away in any manner, but you won't be able to give it to 
              someone voluntarily either. Cannot be attached to items
              with impact or shell sigils already attached.

Key           The key sigil is a peculiar and eminently useful sigil. 
              Drop it in a room, and when anyone leaves that room, it 
              will automatically shut and lock the doorway (if there is
              one) that you passed through.

Mushroom      When ATTACHED to all but the biggest objects, this sigil 
              will cause a magical explosion, annihilating both the 
              sigil and whatever it was attached to.

Orb           When thrown at a chaos entity, it will destroy the entity.

Knife         When on the ground, it will cause touched tattoos to use 
              two uses instead of one.

Cube          The cube sigil will prevent all in the room from shedding 
              their corporeal forms through Blackwind, Mistform, and 
              similar skills.

Eye           When thrown at the ground, (i.e. THROW EYE AT GROUND), 
              this sigil will disappear in a flash of light and pull all
              phased people back into phase with reality.

Impact        When ATTACHED to an object, protects the object from the
              explosion of mushroom and spore sigils. Cannot be attached
              to items with flame or holdfast sigils already attached.