12.2.2 Ylem Mist

Ylem mist are an alternative way to contribute to your city's ylem situation. They do not count towards normal ylem, but do help provide access to various benefits. Each city, at their pylon, has a vendor that can assist you with getting started:

Bloodloch: Mogrov (v42903)
Duiran: Beymak (v43794)
Enorian: Braytal (v53727)
Spinesreach: Fridhild (v42905)

QUOTA SUMMARY and QUOTA CONTRIBUTIONS at the city's pylon will show you the quota and the contributions for the City.

How does this all get started?

Your city will be provided with a QUOTA that they will have to fulfill. This could be set to a certain time period to fulfill or be set until a certain amount of ylem mists have been gathered. You, and many others, will gather the ylem mists and turn them into Barakin within Delve (v35199). You, in return, will get gold and tokens. Your city, when the quota is met, will get a variety of useful WARES from the ylem vendor as well as a contribution of gold to the city. When the quota is met, the whole thing starts all over again.

How do I get started?

First, go to your city's ylem vendor from the list above. ASK <NPC> WARES to see a list of what they have available. It should appear like this:

Mogrov Raf says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"
      gauntlet14998 an iron ylem-binding gauntlet                  244    750gp
       goggles15802 a pair of diffusal goggles                     244    550gp
       gloves288891 heavy protective gloves                         20    200gp
         amulet2629 a purple crystal amulet                         10  15000gp
         amulet2772 a yellow crystal amulet                         10  15000gp
         amulet2785 a red crystal amulet                            10  15000gp
          glyph8920 a Glyph of the Eld'akathai                       5    300cr
You can see 7 item(s) being sold in this location.
To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM MOGROV.

You will need to buy a gauntlet and goggles from the vendor. Both will be WORN, so you will want to WEAR GAUNTLET and WEAR GOGGLES once purchased buy using BUY <item> FROM <NPC>. Please note that these items do have a decay rate, so they will not last forever. There are artifact-level gauntlets and goggles which cost gold, but we'll get to that later. 

Once worn, you can now simply get to killing things. You will see a line from time to time that appears in bright yellow and says:

"Your vision distorts briefly, light scattering subtly as ylem energy diffuses into the surrounding atmosphere."

When you see this pop up, you will want to ABSORB YLEM to gather it into your gauntlet. If you do not do it within a few seconds, the mist will disappear and you will get a message stating as much. You can PROBE your GAUNTLET to see how many mists you have within it at any given time. The different colours vary in rareness, with white being one of the most rare to see. We will explain why this is important to note a bit later.

What do I do with my mists if I want to turn them in?

When you've attained at least 40, it is a good time to go turn them in. Each 40 you turn in to Barakin will provide you with a token for extra reward. To get to Barakin, you can PATH TRACK BARAKIN. Once at Barakin, REMOVE your GAUNTLET, then GIVE the GAUNTLET TO BARAKIN. He will reward you with gold, appropriate token(s), and return the gauntlet back to you. You may now leave Delve by PATH TRACKing to your city, or other location of your choice. Please note that Delve is not on the same plane as the normal world, so communication is shut off to the outside world.

What is this useful for?

Well, depending on various variables with your quota completing, amulets will be made available by your city ylem vendor. These work like low-level artifacts, but decay after a certain amount of time and do not stack with artifacts. There is a limit of three items that can be worn around the neck at any given time. This includes these amulets, personal jewelry items, and even necklace enchanted items.

White: Adds 1+ to all stats
Green: Increases critical chance by 2%
Blue: Increases health and mana by 5%
Red: Increases damage done against NPCs
Yellow: Increases amount of restored health and mana by 10%
Purple: Increases equilibrium recovery by 7%

There are also randomly selected, per quota, artifacts that can be purchased. These will not be the same in each city because they come from the quota being fulfilled. Some of these are available for credits, some for gold.

a Glyph of the Eld'akathai: eld will release mist when slain.
  - This will work automatically. Once purchased, there is no need to do anything further.
a ylem-binding gauntlet of the Parxian Order: a non-decaying gauntlet.
  - This may be worn and used like a normal gauntlet.
a pair of whirring diffusal goggles: these will allow you to focus on a specific colour mist.
  -ATTUNE <colour> to attune to a colour. ATTUNE INFO to show the currently attuned colour. ATTUNE RESET to see all colours again.

Beyond viewable merchandise, your city vendor will also allow trade-ins of Barakin's tokens for useful orbs. To trade a token in for a specific orb, you would TRADE TOKEN FOR <colour>. These orbs have 10 uses total by using ACTIVATE <ORBTYPE or ORB#> (IE: ACTIVATE CRIMSONORB or ACTIVATE 12345). The buff you are provided lasts a variable amount of time. The buff will be lost on death. Also please note that the ones from cryptic chests only last one use, compared to the token traded versions. These orbs do have a decay rate.

Types of orbs:

Red (Crimson): Increases damage against NPCs, 5% resist damage versus NPCs
Green (Green): Increases the effect of the vigor defense by 25%
Blue (Cerulean): Grants the shell defence while active
Yellow (Amber): Increased experience gain
White (White): Increased ylem gain from killing eld