Scattering Contention

Essence of Spirit or Shadow will appear every hour in a large radius around the Orrery that extends just beyond the valley of Scidve. You must pick up the appropriate essence for your tether and then take it anywhere inside the Observatory area and INFUSE ORRERY WITH <essence>, which is a short channeled action. Doing this influences the Orrery towards your tether and away from the opposite.

During this contention, the Orrery temporarily locks every second day until reaching the last day of the month, i.e. it is open for contest on the 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 24th, and 25th. The final day provides one last opportunity to influence the Orrery before it locks for the season and aligns to a plane.

At Midnight at the end of an active day, whichever tether holds alignment of the Orrery will gain an attunement point, and the Orrery will reset to neutral.

Mechanics of the globes
+ Be warned, the essence is raw and volatile, and once you pick up the essence it begins dealing damage to its holder, increasing over time. Holding a globe that has essence opposite to your own tether will cause even greater damager to be taken. 
+ Globes sitting on the ground longer than 5 minutes will respawn. If a globe is dropped on the ground after being held by a player, it will respawn within a minute. 
+ During the open periods of the Orrery, each tether spawns 10 globes every hour. Whichever tether has the least amount of locked-in attunement points spawns extra globes equal to the difference in attunement points. For example, if the winning tether is ahead by 2 points, the losing tether will have 2 extra globes spawn every hour.
+ Holding a globe will reduce your celerity to the base movement rate.
+ Globes are dropped if you use any type of movement that is non-normal (such as teleporting).

PK Rules
+ The Orrery is within its own 5 room area, the observatory. This area is considered Open PK, and anybody entering it is fair game.
+ Picking up or holding globes outside of the five room Orrery area does NOT make one Open PK.
+ Normal PK rules apply otherwise.