7.11 Stackable Items

Some types of items in Aetolia can be stacked together and treated as a 
single item for convenience. For example, rather than having to manage  
25 separate kola nuts, you can simply stack them together to handle them
more easily. Once combined, they are treated as one, and giving,        
dropping, etc. affects the entire stack as a whole. The create and      
manage stacks, you can use the following commands:                      

   COMBINE <item> AND <item>
   COMBINE <item> [FULLY]

The first will join a pair of items into a single stack (if they are    
the same type of thing and capable of being stacked of course). The     
second will combine all of the same type into a single stack regardless 
of how many you have. Note that this can work both in your inventory    
and on the ground (but it will check your inventory first).


            (Combines all of the myrrh in your inventory into one stack)

   SPLIT <item> <# of ways> [WAYS]

      This will split a stack into a specified number of smaller stacks.
      It will try to split them evenly, but if it can't then there will
      be one stack that holds the difference. For example, a stack of 8
      can be split 3 ways, but it will result in two stacks of 2 and a
      single stack of 4.

   SPLIT <stacked item> <num>/<num>

      This will split the stacked item into two stacks of the specified 
      fraction. For example, 2/3 or 50/50.

      Example (while holding a stack of 10 red inks):

         SPLIT REDINK 50/50
            (Results in two stacks being formed, each with 5 inks.)

   SPLIT <stacked item> INTO STACKS OF <num>

      Split the item in to as many stacks as possible, each stack having
      the specified number in it. Note, that you can only split into 250
      groups at a time this way.

Stackable items include herbs and other concoction ingredients,         
reanimation ingredients, commodities, crystals and inks.

See also: HELP CACHE