A city's militia comprises those stalwart citizens who have volunteered to go to war and fight for the glory and, if necessary, defense of their beloved city. Joining the city militia is not a step to be taken lightly, for those who volunteer to follow the way of the soldier leave behind certain privileges of civilian life. 

Bold citizens who chose to join the militia are naturally subject to repercussions during wartime. Participating in wartime activities will place them on their city's active roster which opens them to the enemy's free attack until the roster is cleared during wartime. MWHO <city> ACTIVE will show this roster. 

The warrior's life does have its privileges, however. Only those enlisted in the militia have the opportunity to lead divisions of troops into battle and righteously claim territory in the name of their homeland. Further, during wartime, a militia member has free cause to assault and destroy members of the enemy's active roster. 

The following commands apply to city militia members:

ENLIST <your city>
- Causes you to join the militia of your city. Your militia rank will be apparent 
  to anyone viewing your HONORS.
- The Minister or Aides of the Ministry of War, as well as ranking militia 
  officers, may issue promotions or demotions to militia volunteers. Though each 
  city may define promotion criteria for its militia members, a certain base 
  level of warfare 'experience' is required for promotion to a given rank. 
  Currently, the only way to gain this experience is by capturing territory for 
  the city. New recruits must be promoted once before they are able to command 

- Get a list of all enlisted members of the city militia, by rank. Only officers 
  and members of the War and Security ministries may see the roster. 

- This allows you to leave the militia of your city while still residing within 
  your city. Be aware that you must serve a full tour of duty before leaving the 

See also: HELP WAR