18.4 Aetolian Promotions

Aetolia often runs a variety of promotions that give players an opportunity to earn credit prizes or special benefits during the length of the promotion. Promotions usually run for one day during the week and are announced ahead of time in the administrative announcements one receives after logging in.                                                             

Any questions concerning promotions in Aetolia should be directed to Ictinus via message.                                                    

1. Iron Lottery - The Iron Lottery is a special lottery with credit     
prizes from 10 to 100 credits each. Players acquire tickets for the     
lottery in various ways, either by hunting the denizens and creatures of
the realm, getting lucky at blackjack or the roulette table, or finding 
tickets scattered randomly about. Tickets should be turned in at the    
Lottery Offices in Esterport, and only one prize can be won per person.     

2. Double XP Days - Players can earn Double Experience for hunting and  
questing during Double XP Days. These promotions sometimes run during   
the weekend, and can be easily identified by the blessing of double     
experience found in one's list of Defenses.                             

3. Divine Blessing Days - During Divine Blessing Days, all players      
experience the boon provided by Divine Blessings. See HELP FAVORS for  
more information on the benefits.                                       

4. Critical Hit Days - All players gain vastly increased rates of       
critical hits against mobiles that are susceptible to them. The quality 
of critical hits are likewise increased.                                

5. Artifact Drop Days - By hunting special mobs throughout the realm,   
players have the chance to acquire temporary artifacts that otherwise   
require a great amount of resources to attain. These artifacts last for 
two Aetolian months before decaying.                                    

6. Great Hunt - The Great Hunt is a weekend-long hunting competition    
between all of the realm's inhabitants. All denizens and creatures of   
the realm are worth some number of points depending on their strength,  
and the adventurers who acquire the most points by the end of the Hunt  
receive substantial credit prizes. During most Hunts, all adventurers   
have the opportunity to gain a smaller number of credits by passing     
pre-announced point thresholds during the Hunt.