23.1.4 Elite Membership

Iron Elite Memberships

Elite Memberships are an extremely good, cost-effective way for you to
improve multiple characters. The value far exceeds our normal credit
and lesson packages, especially when coupled with those packages.

Members will receive:

Every character registered to your email address, will earn 5 lessons,
everyday, upon login. You will earn these lessons the instant you
login. This will net you 150 lessons per month which is about 25
credits. If you have 10 characters, that is the equivalent of 250
credits per month in lessons.

Your account will earn 100 bound credits every month. These credits
can be distributed across your characters with the command CREDITS
MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER <amount>. In addition, you will accumulate 5 more
credits every month you are on the membership. For example, after 5
months you will get 125 bound credits added to your account. This will
top out at an additional 50 bound credits per month, totaling 150
bound credits.

You will receive 20 Iron Coins on the character you sign up for the Iron
Elite Membership under. These coins can be used to purchase special     
items that cannot be obtained in any other fashion. Read HELP IRONCOINS 
for more information.                                                   

You will have a permanent 10% bonus to all credit purchases while on the membership. This excludes the no-brainer packages. In other words, members will have a permanent sale running. This bonus will stack with any other sale we run.

We expect most elite members will be established players that have
already enjoyed leveling their characters. As such, we are offering an
experience bonus to all members. This is a monthly, 5% cumulative
bonus (up to 25%). For example, for the first month you will enjoy a
5% XP bonus. For the second month you will have a 10% XP bonus. In
month five you will have a 25% bonus. Of course, this bonus will stack
with any other bonuses you enjoy.

Elite Memberships have a monthly recurring payment. In order to sign
up for the program you will have to agree to monthly payments via
PayPal. You can do so by visiting

You can also purchase 3, 6, and 12 month memberships.

With a 3, 6, or 12 month membership your characters will receive most rewards 
up front.

The rewards which are instantly advanced are the XP bonus, and
membership credits. Daily lessons are unchanged.

Cancelling your Membership
You can cancel your Membership at any time! There are no obligations to keep
this going any longer than your wish for it to continue.

If you paid for your Iron Elite Membership via PayPal: Simply log on to your
PayPal account, navigate to the "Preapproved Payments" page, and cancel your
scheduled payment.

If you paid with Credit Card: 
   Head to www.aetolia.com and log in to Aetolia.com as your character
   Navigate to https://www.aetolia.com/credits?action=cancel
   Click the "click here" link to cancel your subscription.
   NOTE: You will need the Order ID from your original email confirmation.

Upon cancelling your Membership, you will have a grace period of 30 days before
the cumulative benefits of your membership expire.

Upgrading Your Membership
To upgrade your existing membership from one type to another package:

1. Cancel your current membership at:
   If your membership is via PayPal, you will have to visit your Paypal 
   account and cancel it from there.

2. Wait for your current membership to expire.
   You will get messages from the game when your membership expires and 
   can view your membership status with the command CREDIT REPORT.

3. When your current membership expires, you may sign back up at

Note: There is a 30 day grace period on renewing your membership without 
      losing your benefit levels.

Changing the card associated with your Membership
To do this you will first need to cancel the existing Membership (see 
Cancelling your Membership above), and then wait for the Membership to expire.

Once your Membership has expired (shows as inactive on CREDIT REPORT) you will
enter the 30 day grace period, and can now repurchase your Iron Elite 
Membership via whatever method you wish.

So long as the Membership is repurchased during this 30 day grace period, any bonuses previously accrued will be reinstated without loss.

Subscription Renewal Failure
This commonly happens when there aren't enough funds in the account to cover a
Membership payment and it is not the end of the world.

Please do NOT repurchase the Membership, after a failed attempt the system will
retry the transaction every 3 days up to a maximum of 3 failed attempts*.

Repurchasing the Membership during this may lead to double billing.

* If your membership payment fails three times in a single billing cycle, you
will need to cancel the membership (see Cancelling Your Membership above) and
then purchase anew.

If you are unsure what to do or about any of this, please email
support@aetolia.com or file an issue in game with your questions via ISSUE ME
<your question>. We will be happy to help!                                                   

Seconds Abuse
Remember that we track characters if they are logged in at the same
time from the same registration. So if you plan on switching all your
friends to the same email address, you will effectively be limiting them
to never being able to play at the same time. Additionally, you will
never be able to move them off the same registrations, which will give
them the ability to change the registration info and effectively steal
all your characters. Not to mention we will permanently block the
accounts and characters of people found to be cheating.

In short, do not try to abuse this, we will find out pretty quickly.