15.13 Theft

It is never acceptable to engage in credit or iron coin scams, FULL STOP. If you make an agreement to take credits or iron coins in exchange for anything you need to keep that agreement with the other player, or refuse to accept the payment. No exceptions. We have internal commands for the safe transfer of goods, see HELP TRADING ITEMS and HELP CREDITS.                                                 

Gold is not covered by this rule, even gold earned from selling credits. Any other form of theft is still acceptable, but will be considered an excuse for player killing. In fact, thieves are generally regarded as open targets to everyone.

It should be noted that Aetolia's social norms view theft in an extremely negative light. The decision to be a thief has significant social impact and will almost invariably affect your interactions negatively. Due to this, most skills involving the ability to command others to perform an action cannot be used to force theft, or force being robbed (for example, you cannot command someone to hand you gold). While this does exclude a playstyle almost entirely, trust us, it would not have worked out well for you.