1.5.5 Registering

(To register your character, type REGISTER)

    I. Why We Ask You to Register
   II. Confirming your Registration
  III. Multiple Characters
   IV. Registration Problems
    V. About Registering and Inactivity
   VI. Dormant Adventurers and Inactivity
  VII. Credit Purchases and Inactivity

I. Why We Ask You to Register
We ask you to register your character in order to provide password recovery services and so that we have an idea of the sort of player demographics we have.                                                   

We respect, and will protect, your privacy. We will not sell, loan, or share your registration information. You can read more about our privacy policy at www.ironrealms.com/privacy                              

Registration information is the primary method we use for verifying your identity in case there are any problems with your account. If you lose your password, or believe your account has been hacked, we will ask you for the name, birth date, and email that you registered with. Obviously forged information will be of very little value in such cases, for you or us. If there are any other irregularities with your account, accurate registration information is the best possible safeguard for you.        

Additionally, with proper registration information it is possible to reset your own password by visiting www.aetolia.com/game/recover and follow the direction presented there.                                   

Characters must be registered to the email address of the player that controls them, for what should be considered obvious reasons. Multiple players are not allowed to share an email address for registration purposes for any reason whatsoever.

If your registration information changes (change of email address, legal name change), you can simply REGISTER again. Please keep your registration information current and accurate, as it is very much against the rules to provide false registration information.                                       

We appreciate you coming to play, and hope you enjoy the realms of Aetolia. Be assured that your registration is safe and easy and beneficial to all concerned.                                            

II. Confirming your Registration
Once you have completed your registration an email will be sent to the address you supplied. In order to finalize your registration you will have to click on the URL provided in the email, or cut and paste it into your browser. This process allows us to verify that you are the owner of the email address.                                                      

III. Multiple Characters
If you have more than one character, registering is even easier. Once you input your address you will be prompted to verify ownership of the email using the confirmation process detailed above. When completed, all of your characters will share the same registration details. This means, when you update your registration on one character, all of your characters will automatically be updated at the same time. You can use the CHARACTERS command to view all characters registered under your e-mail. Note that having forged or inconsistent registrations for multiple characters is not allowed. 

IV. Registration Problems
Some have problems with registration, usually because their telnet/mud client doesn't handle symbols as expected. This is most often true with the "@" sign in email addresses. We've had some experience with this sort of problem and can provide the following examples of how to put in the following generic email address - me@myemail.com.                   

Client          How to put in an email address
---------       ------------------------------
zMUD            me~@myemail.com
GoSClient       me\@myemail.com

These clients work as you might expect. Just type in the email address normally: GMud, MUSHClient, Portal GT, Savitar, Mudlet. The web client accessed via the game's website also acts normally.

V. About Registering and Inactivity
Characters may be erased after a period of inactivity which varies from a few days to a few months. The more play time you have, the longer we wait before counting you as inactive and removing your character.       

Read over HELP DELETION to find all of the limits for deletion. You will be sent a deletion notification email prior to the deletion of your character just in case.                                                 

VI. Dormant Adventurers
There is no provision for making an character dormant, or any way to protect your character from removal due to inactivity excepting to connect from time to time, notwithstanding the next section.            

VII. Credit Purchases
Because of accounting, record keeping, and reporting regulations, character accounts will not be erased if any credits have ever been purchased for that account from Iron Realms, Inc. This includes web site purchases or mailing payment, but does not include purchasing credits from other characters directly or via the credit market.