20.11.2 Aerie

In an Epoch long past, the Atav people, who had settled in the mountains of the
Vashnars, were faced with slowly dwindling numbers. The young of the Atav
approached their elders about mingling with the other races, but were denied.
These young ones decided to leave anyway, and for many years, intermarried with
other races.

However, they still yearned for the cliff-top homes and passed these stories to
their children. As many of the descendents of the true Atav grew into the race
we now know as the Atavian, they became concerned that their culture and
heritage would be lost amongst so many others, and they departed for the
clifftops they descended from.

There, they rebuilt their long abandoned homes, and resettled, keeping their
unique culture intact whilst using the mental abilities of their forebears to
keep their home hidden from detection. In recent times, these abilities have
died out, causing the Aerie to become accessible once more.