20.11.151 Vashnar Mountains

The Vashnar mountain range is the spine of the Sapient continent. It runs along the western coast for a great distance, and then turns east, running through until it meets the ocean on the eastern side, bordered by the Putoran and Shamtota hills. Thus, it forms an 'L' shape in which most of the known world is cradled.

The Vashnar is an extremely treacherous area by virtue of the aggressive animals and people that inhabit it. Many a person has fallen victim to the mountain lions that roam it seeking their dinners, to say nothing of the Consanguine who live in the city of Bloodloch beneath the range.

Much of Aetolian life has existed upon or around the Vashnars since the beginning of history, and it is theorized that some point within the range represented the point of creation for the first races of Sapience. This is borne out in many cases by the historical records in the west reaching back much further than in the east, but there is no conclusive evidence as of yet.