13.2 Combat Preparation

One of the most important parts of combat is being properly prepared for it. Without some certain basic equipment, you have no hope of succeeding against any competent opponent.

This document will only cover equipment and defences that is not class-specific. Further, though a few offensive aspects of combat will be covered, generally-speaking, your primary offensive abilities are class-specific and are covered in the help files for the skills associated with that class.

A short list of basic equipment that you'll need follows. It isn't complete, but it is a start.

an elixir of health : heals your health
an elixir of mana   : heals your mana
immunity elixir     : cures the deadly voyria affliction

armour              : class specific. see HELP ARMOUR.

healing pills       : (eaten) see HELP HEALINGYOURSELF.
healing poultice    : (applied) see HELP HEALINGYOURSELF.
healing herbs       : (smoked) see HELP HEALINGYOURSELF.

a shield tattoo     : protects you against many physical attacks
a cloak tattoo      : protects yourself from summoning by a brazier tattoo
boar tattoo         : regenerates health
moon tattoo         : regenerates mana
moss tattoo         : automatically clots bleeding

If you have been inactive for a period of time, roughly 30 days, you can type WELCOMEBACK to quickly restock yourself a variety of basic items to help you get back into the game sooner.