18.1.9 Arena Mods

Arena Mods are optional modifications you can make to arena events to change things up a little bit. You can mix and match mods as you please to create a variety of challenges to overcome in the arena.

To add mods to your arena event, you can:
INIT <event> <arena> MODS <list of mods>

For example: init freeforall esterport mods gods lockdown flux

You can also add mods to arena spars in the same way:
CHALLENGE <person> MODS <list of mods>

The mods must first be purchased for the city's arena before they can be used, refer to HELP CULTURE for pricing.

The current list of arena mods and what they do are:

If there's people from both Shadow and Spirit tether in a room, and an uneven amount of the two, this mod will attempt to balance the number of people from each side in the room. After a few seconds, whichever tether has the most people in that room will have people kicked out of the room and stunned until the number from each tether is balanced.

The more people are in a room, the more likely your attacks will hit an unintended target instead. Refer to HELP THE BRAWL for in-depth details.

Allows you to change your class to any class within the arena using the ARENA CLASSCHANGE <class> command.

The arena starts at full size and slowly becomes smaller over time, until it is eventually only a single room.

All arena participants become more and more drunk over time.

A 1v1 ladder elimination tournament. Refer to HELP KNOCKOUT for in-depth details.

All players will have the 'mind isolation' effect, preventing them from using any sort of telepathic communication (webs, tells, clans, etc).

Players will periodically swap places with one another.

The arena becomes only a single room.

All arena participants have their stats set to 25.

Everybody is turned into maggots, which gives them 1 to all stats and they can be STOMPed to be instantly killed.

Everybody takes less limb damage, and there is no pre-restore.

Spawns runes periodically you can collect for buffs. Refer to HELP RUNES for in-depth details.

Pill cures will cure afflictions in their tree in a random order.