22.13 Metals

Metals are a vital part of crafting in Aetolia. Included herein is a list of the metals found on Sapience as well as a listing of the alloys that can be created using more common metals. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but should be considered a good source of material for crafting. It should be noted that some metals that are found as ingots can also be created using their base components. These metals will be notated throughout the list, though it is preferable to use the actual commodity rather than its components.

Location: Skythrone
This chunk of acindium is a silver-white metal that is reminiscent of platinum. 
Less dense and softer than the aforementioned, it is soft and melts under low heat. It is about the size of a Human's hand and the width of a fist, though misshapen and having a rocky, though shiny, exterior.

Location: Tarissa's Dig Site
An incredibly dense metal, anaxagorite has a dark silver sheen and is deceptively heavy, though durable, good for forging if you are prepared for the weight.

Location: Heylai
This lightweight rock is hued somewhere between brown and copper-red. Across various places of the surface material are patches of iridescent shaded colors, ranging from blue to purple. It is broken off at several places in an uneven fashion, a reminder of the brittle nature that it carries.

Location: Arbothia
Brass is a yellow metal that is suitable for crafting in ornamentation and jewelry, but not as the primary component of weapons or armor.
*Brass can be created in designs by using 1 zinc and 1 copper

Location: Saluria, Arbothia, Moghedu
Bronze is a yellow-brown metal, darker than brass but also stronger, lending itself more to use in weapons or armor than brass.
*Bronze can be created in designs using 1 zinc, 1 copper, and 1 tin.

Location: Hubride (found), attainable through mining
Copper is a fairly malleable metal that has a reddish hue. It is suitable for use in some weapons and armor, as well as in jewelry and other items.

Location: Guilded Illuminai
Malleable and pliant in its unrefined form, manifest perfection defines this otherworldly metal, its surface utterly void of blemish or scratch or mar to blunt its brilliance. The dejanite emits a heavenly glow, its striking white colour betraying copious amounts of spirit infused into its composition.

Gold (yellow)
Location: Cities, Moghedu, Hubride
Yellow gold is the standard sort of gold bar you can purchase in cities. It is far too soft to be used as the main component in weapons or armor.
* Gold can also be crafted through the process of mining production. HELP MINING for more information.

Location: The Sirrocian Mountains, Moghedu, Hubride
Hematite is a deep red material that is much stronger than iron but is also very brittle. It is not well suited for use in weapons or armor, but is a valuable commodity for other crafters.

Location: Cities, Moghedu
Iron is a hard, dull grey metal that is a standard material used by smiths.
* Iron can also be crafted through the process of mining production. HELP MINING for more information.

Location: Mournhold
This iron-like metal, mined near Sterion, attracts ambient shadow, which condensates and drips off in a black miasma. Suitable for forging.

Location: Iron Hill 
Kav is a rare ceramic, white in its natural state, that can be used for broad blades, bludgeons, or armour. It is not flexible, but can compete with steel for durability once fired.  

Location: Iron Hill 
Kesgish is a dark blue, purple, or black metal that can be used in crafts that call for precious metals. It can be used in forged goods. 

Klaio Bronze
Location: Kelun Harbor
Klaio Bronze, also known as weeping bronze, is a yellow-brown metal that closely resembles bronze but has the strength of tempered steel. The material possesses a unique quality in that moisture seems to accumulate on its surfaces regardless of the environment it is in, almost as if the metal were weeping.

Location: Arbothia, Moghedu
A dense, heavy metal that is also soft and malleable, unsuitable for weapons and armour.

Location: Enorian
Lumenite is a rare metal that is incredibly difficult to come by outside the markets of Enorian. The material is unique in appearance, its surface having a mirror like sheen with a faint, coppery coloration. The surface of the metal reacts to heat - shifting into deeper shades of red and orange in the presence of heat, even as cool as body heat, and remaining until the source of heat has dissipated. Lumenite is suitable for use in weapons and armor, its weight, density, and durability being very close to that of steel.

Location: Heylai
This is a small chunk of silver-grey rock, the appearance of which is fairly metallic and similar to iron. Hues of light blue and grey can be seen here and there throughout the material. It is extremely hard and moderately heavy for its size.

Location: The Sirrocian Mountains, Mhojave Desert (buried)
Mithril is a silvery blue metal that is prized by both jewelcrafters and smiths. It is sturdier than and holds an edge better than steel but is also very easy to work as a component in jewelcrafting. Its rarity makes it a highly valued material.

Location: Beaches
Nautilite is a dark, blue-black metal that can be found in clumps of ore below the sands of many of Sapience's beaches. The metal is iridescent and shimmers slightly under light. The metal is sturdy enough to be made into weapons or armor, but does not have the same strength as steel.

Location: Arbothia, Bihrkaen, Moghedu
Nickel is a silvery white metal that is malleable and easy to work or blend with other metals. As such it is unsuited for use in weapons or armor.

Location: Iron Hill 
Autumnal and shadowy, pahpanvel is a rare species of petrified wood. If carefully worked, it is suitable for armaments, though is not flexible enough for thinner blades.
Location: Iron Hill 
A rare relative of diamond, paroz is a translucent crystal that rivals its sibling gemstone for durability. It holds a keen edge and can be quite deadly, making it effective for armaments that do not require flexibility.   

Location: Arbothia, Moghedu
Pewter is a greyish metal that is soft and malleable. It is ill suited for use in weapons but can be crafted to create a variety of other materials.
*Pewter can be created with 1 copper and 1 tin.

Location: The Vasnhar Mountains
Platinum is a very hard, lustrous metal that is silvery white and has a hardness rivaling that of solid iron. As such it is fit for crafting a variety of objects, including some types of weapons or armor.

Location: Mournhold
A ruddy metal panned in the Pachacacha near Jaru that attracts ambient spirit, which radiates in an illuminated, serene mist. Suitable for forging.

Location: Cities, Moghedu, Bihrkaen, Hubride
Silver is a very soft metal that is well suited for use in ornamentation and jewelry. It is unsuited for use in weapons and armor due to its softness.
* Silver can also be crafted through the process of mining production. HELP MINING for more information.

Location: Moghedu
Skysilver is a flexible yet strong silvery grey metal that is fit for use in various crafts, particularly weapons and some forms of armor.

Location: Cities, Moghedu, Bihrkaen
Steel is, in many ways, the standard by which smiths judge all other metals. It is a greyish material and can be used effectively in weapons and armor.
* Steel can also be crafted through the process of mining production. HELP MINING for more information.

Location: Attainable through mining
Tin is a silvery grey metal that is soft and malleable, able to be used for many things but ill-suited for use in weapons or armor.

Location: Heylai
This unique ore looks like it is likely the combination of several metals, formed into a stick-like length. It is hard to the touch and heavier than one would imagine for the small length. It is of a steel-grey hue with a mirror-like reflective nature.

Location: Arbothia, Moghedu
Zinc is a pale blue-grey metal that can be used in various crafts that call for precious metals. It can also be mixed with other metals in alloys.


Gold (black)
Components: 1 gold, 1 elemental ashes
Black gold is soft and malleable just like yellow gold. However, the introduction of elemental ashes gives the metal a jet black color with a matte appearance.

Gold (rose)
Components: 1 gold, 1 copper
Rose gold has a faint pink coloration and is nearly as soft as yellow gold.

Gold (white)
Components: 1 gold, 1 nickel
White gold is a lustrous alloy of gold. The inclusion of nickel gives it a silvery-white appearance but does little to improve the sturdiness of the metal.

Components: 1 gold, 1 silver
Also known as green gold, electrum has a pale yellow or yellow-white appearance. It is a soft metal, similar to gold, and is not fit for use as the main component of weapons or armor.

Nickel Silver
Components: 1 copper, 1 zinc, 1 nickel
Nickel silver is a soft alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc. The metal has an appearance close to that of true silver, though the trained eye can differentiate between the two easily. It is useful for crafting a variety of goods, but it is ill-suited for use as the main component of weapons or armor.

Components: 1 sulphur, 1 silver, 1 copper, 1 lead
Niello is a blackish metal that is fit for use as ornamentation on weapons or armor as well as use in various other crafts, particularly jewelry, though it is ill-suited for the construction of the item itself. It is utilized in inlay rather than the crafting of an item in itself (such as darker shadows on patinated reliefs or for contrast in patterns). 

Platinum Sterling
Components: 1 platinum, 1 silver
Platinum sterling is a silvery alloy of platinum that is much softer due to the addition of silver. Due to its softness, it would be ill-suited for use in weapons and armor.

Sterling Silver
Components: 1 copper, 1 silver
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper that maintains the look of silver but gains the strength of copper, allowing the material to be used in ways that would be inappropriate for silver alone. However, the metal is still not strong enough for use as the main component of weapons or armor.